Floral Liberty print ties for a wedding in a wild flower field

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Earlier this year I was asked to help with the ties for a wedding to be held in a wild flower meadow in Vermont this summer. The colour scheme was to be blues with grey and white. The brides had already chosen the flowers for her bouquet - an assortment of thistle, lambs ear, peonies, greens. The bridesmaids were going to be wearing navy, as were the groom and the groomsmen. 

The idea was for all the men to wear a different, but complementary, Liberty print tie. The bride had already found four prints she liked but needed a total of nine different prints so we spent a little time looking at the options - the final nine certainly should be a wow on the big day!

floral Liberty print wedding ties

some of the prints were already part of the CatkinJane collection, but making these added six new florals to the range

floral Liberty print ties Spring 2018

they can all be found in the Floral Ties section in the shop