Happy Birthday CatkinJane!

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Today is CatkinJane's 10th Birthday
It was the 25th June 2011 when I first presented the things I was making for sale at a craft fair at Backridge in a rural location just north of Clitheroe,  not far from where I had lived for a few years in the Hodder Valley.

In many ways the business has changed since then but I am still making items from wonderful fabrics. 

I had all sorts of ideas as how I would celebrate today's anniversary - possibly with events or giveaways or even a day off - in the end I have done what I do best and have been finishing and sending out orders for people's weddings. 
Big orders of Liberty print ties and pocket squares, a hurredly needed Liberty fabric pocket square, and something I didn't expect to be making - Liberty print facemasks for a wedding coming up very soon