There is only 1 tie in stock of the design I want will you have more?
There is usually only ever 1 or 2 of a particular design of tie shown in stock at any one time, this is to allow me to offer a choice of widths in as wide a range of designs as possible. All the ties are individually hand-stitched by me and any larger numbers are made to order so that I can ensure I am making exactly what is wanted. If you would like more this may be possible so please contact me.

Do you provide fabric samples?
Yes, if you are uncertain about the colours of a tie I am happy to send fabric samples out to you to help with decision making and colour matching.
Just contact me with your address and let me know which fabrics you are interested in and I will put them in the post to you.

I've seen a fabric that I love but its not the accessory that I want
As ecerything is made to order you can request a custom order for an item you see on the website in most of the fabrics you see available.  

How are the ties made?
CatkinJane ties are traditionally made - all the layers are bias cut and hand-rolled around specialist tie canvas.
You can read more about how the ties are made here - How CatkinJane ties are made

What width of ties do you make?
I offer three standard widths of tie which are available for most ties.
Slim - 2.5"(6.25cm)   Regular - 3" (7.5cm)   Regular plus - 3.5" (9cm) measured at the widest point
You can read more about the dimensions of the standard widths here.
Custom orders can be placed for other widths of tie